Binary Options

There are many possible binary options scams to watch out for, so it may be hard choosing the right binary options broker.

Once you’ve filtered out all the possible scams, what remains are legitimate sites that you can stand to make money from.

Binary Options Scams

If you use the wrong kind of website, you can fall to a host of scams which includes:

  1. Rigged game play – When you are expected to win, their algo will automatically make you lose.
  2. Withdrawal difficulty – You will have difficulty withdrawing any funds, even though you do win, or your payment may become “lost in the mail” if the only option is to withdraw by check.
  3. Difficult to predict – Combat lack of experience by setting yourself up with binary training courses.  Be careful of those showing you fake screenshots on Youtube.

The following sites are binary options brokers that we’ve verified to be safe:

We also verify the following binary options strategies and courses:

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