How to do content marketing to drive visitors, subscribers

Make content that’s really good.

The type of content that works well these days are blogs with a unique voice.

You want your personality to show through, and you want people to read your content, connect with you, bookmark you, and come back to you.  With a unique voice, perspective, experience that goes into your content, people will want to learn more about what you have to say.

Writing content on its own won’t do sh*t.  You have to market it so that readers can find out about it.

The better your content is, the more people will want to share your content.

What makes good content?

  1. Personal story telling
  2. Unique, compelling, first hand experience
  3. Real life anecdotes

If you give actual good advice, people will want to share your article with others.  It’s simple.

I wrote this piece of content on finding cheap developers.

My next goal is to see if I can post this piece of article in various places to:

  1. Drive increased traffic to the page
  2. Drive increased personal brand recognition so that people know about me and my blog
  3. Drive likes, shares, and follows – I want people to come to my page, like my content, share it with others through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and follow my dedicated fan pages.
  4. Email Subscribers – I want people to subscribe with their email, so I can send them daily aggregate updates along with dedicated, vetted ads (see why transparency with your audience builds trust).
  5. Drive natural mentions to the page – this will in turn increase the page’s SEO and overall domain authority.

So I will use this page to keep a log of all the step by step success and failure experiments I try to see if I can get this page to become an “traffic generating asset”.

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