How to get a free car with 0/0% financing + getaround trick + $500/mo in passive income

I was afraid to share this secret as once it becomes saturated it won’t work anymore.  But whatever, let’s all get rich together ok?

Imagine getting a basic free car completely paid off over five years.  And after five years, you get $500/month in passive income after your car has been paid off. 

Thanks to the advent of new technology, I’m not bullshitting you, this is now possible.

This trick relies on:

  • Living in SF/bay area
  • Having a great credit score to get no money down 0% financing
  • Car Sharing Services like GetAround

It’s best to get started on this as soon as possible before everyone does.

I like this lazy method, especially since you don’t have to be physically driving the car around yourself with Uber/Lyft.

The gains from Uber/Lyft are only three to six times more (about $3,000/month), and not worth it if it’s going to take up 160 hours of your time per month.  Uber/Lyft are for those who are trying to side hustle on their projects while still being able to put food on the table, and without the mental energy at a normal day job.

You must act fast before the car dealership no longer offers 0% interest down, especially as interest rates are rising.

The only thing that held me back was I was concerned that if my car was damaged, I would be in some annoying dispute process with GetAround and never claim my money back.  Surprisingly the stories I heard from friends were that GetAround does well to refund back damages for visible damages (dents, damages, etc.)

Can my car get damaged and is GetAround responsible?

GetAround will reimburse you to cover damages your car receives based on their inspection policies.

Steps in getting a free car

  1. Go to a Toyota dealership, and purchase a Toyota Corolla for 0% money down and 0% interest rate financing.  You need good credit score (above 700’s) to qualify for this.  The Toyota Corolla has the best ROI for revenue vs. price point.
  2. Negotiate with the dealer and ask for the lowest price possible.  Around $20,000 out the door for the car sounds right.
  3. Walk away regardless of the offer they try to give you.  Get into your car and be prepared to drive away.  They’ll offer you the lowest discount possible.
  4. Use a car loan calculator to see the monthly car payments.  Car payment comes out to $333/month ($20,000 divided over 60 months – which is 5 years).
  5. Add ontop car insurance which comes out to about $120/month, making your total car payment about $450/month.
  6. Add yearly maintenance cost, and you are paying around $500/month.

Renting the car out on GetAround

  1. List your car on GetAround.  Use the best practices to make it an attractive listing.
  2. You’ll collect around $600-$700/month or so if you rent it out full time.
  3. At the end of five years, you get the car paid off, and completely free! No need to pay $20,000 in monthly fees for the car.  The car might have faced some dings here and there, but not bad at all when you don’t have to pay out of pocket for the car.

Note: If you decide to keep this going after 5 years, you will then get $500/month in passive income.  By then the monthly earnings will diminish as your car gets older.


  1. Look at booking availability of other cars to get a gauge of demand.
  2. This tip makes sense in the SF area, and you don’t need to pay to have your car garaged.
  3. Try multiple competing rental sites to see which gives you the best monthly income and stick to the best one.

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