Hostgator Review – How to Get Hosting for $1 for the First Month

Hostgator is a popular hosting site with over 1.9 million customers last reported in 2010, and growing til this day.  A lot of big established companies trust Hostgator, and the company supports many independent small business owners and first-timers too.  I actually first used Hostgator when I was starting out with my first websites and internet marketing. Below is my review of Hostgator.

Hostgator shared hosting is perfect for:

  1. Deploying wordpress/review sites/niche blog sites/existing scripts from Codecanyon or other sources
  2. Getting set up really fast, and expecting less than 1,000 visitors per day.
  3. Little technical experience

When I first started out, I was completely lost with how to host a website.  Hostgator was really good, since it was simple and got the job done.  This is a great affordable host to get started with, until you really need to upgrade.  Then you can simply upgrade to something better once you’re earning more.

Most Hostgator reviews won’t give you the real scoop like I will – since they never even used it themselves.  But since I used it, I can tell you about the pros and cons.


  1. Easy to Use Cpanel – Some hosts don’t even provide Cpanel, which you might have to pay extra or use a boring command terminal to access your code.
  2. Very affordable – The amount of value and reliability you are getting for the price of shared hosting – $9.95 per month is very cheap and affordable.
  3. Support is great – They have live chat 24/7, which is the biggest selling point for me. I’ve been used to some hosts taking many hours to reply back to me.  Especially if you see your site down, you want to be able to contact them right away to take a look at hosting and see what’s wrong.
  4. Speed is fast – If you are just starting out and your site isn’t too technical (like a complex ad network), then your visitors won’t notice a slow site speed – even on mobile. This is perfect if you are just starting out and don’t want to deal with the headaches of optimizing your own server from scratch in order to get fast speed.
  5. A lot of storage and bandwidth – The amount of disk space and bandwidth (unmetered) they provide is reasonable for the price they’re charging, and actually an over delivery.
  6. Fast set up – What I like about them is when you set an account up – they usually instantly set up shared hosting for you – and you can get access to an account right away. Other hosts, you usually have to wait 24 hours for them to activate an account!
  7. Good Server Uptime – Hostgator is rarely down if you are just starting out and getting under 1,000 visitors per day.


  1. Not good after 1000 visitors per day – Once you are getting at least 1,000 visitors per day, time to move onto another host. You will probably be able to afford something else at this point anyways.  One of my news sites was getting 10,000 visitors per day.  That’s when I started seeing the site slow down.  I had to switch to a different provider at that point.

Many people have wasted time trying other hosts, only to switch to Hostgator and realize this is a much better starter option.

Try Risk Free Today

Best of all, they’re offering a special coupon promotion deal right now.  Using the coupon code of 1CENT, you can reduce your first month’s cost to $0.01 for the first month.  I recommend you to try it out as it’s very easy to cancel and get your money back if you’re not happy, with a 30 day money back guarantee.  They’re committed to having a good customer reputation.

Click Here to get started with Hostgator.  Offer Valid until 12/30/16.  

If you decide to try, feel free to get the free scripts below that you can install onto your Hostgator host right away.  These were my first top 5 sites that made me my first $100 online (will post them later).

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