It’s so easy to rank on Google. There’s only 2 steps to it

A guy mentioned something about SEO.

Instead of drowning him with my knowledge and getting meaningless recognition from a stranger,

I decided to play dumb and ask him what SEO exactly is about.  He said:

SEO is really HARD.  Google has their own algorithm for determining which pages goes on top using thousands of data points.  You need to know programming.  You need to understand tools and analytics.

Actually, that’s not true.  SEO is not hard.  And since I come from the field, it’s surprising to see how most people normally think of SEO.

SEO is extremely easy, and I’ve boiled it down to a cost input/output formulaic science.

This is the SEO blueprint you should copy step by step.  I’m giving all the secrets away today.  And I don’t care if it spawns dozen of copycats who will try to compete against me.

The secret to ranking on Google is:

  1. Content
  2. Backlinks

I bet you knew that already didn’t you?  If not, then those are the two things you have to remember.

You build good compelling unique content.  Be the best expert you can on that specific topic.  Follow best practices so that the content adhere to Google’s expectations (title optimization tags, H1 tags, etc.).

Then build backlinks to that targeted page using various forms of anchor texts that will include your target keywords, brand keywords, naked URLs.  In a post 2018 Google world – you can’t build a 100% anchor text ratio to your site or that will result in a ban.

The trick is.  I don’t know much, and I don’t know everything.  Everytime I stuck on something I just keep googling.

“How to make our content good enough to rank on Google?”

“How to build backlinks.”

“How to build backlinks in a creative manner.”

Building backlinks is a function of strategic outreach to the right people who may want to feature your content.  If you reach out to people within your space, you will be niche relevant, and you will get extra points from Google.  The authority of the site also matters.  Look at ahrefs or Majestic to see various metrics that will help you determine the authority of the links.

You also need to apply the best practices for technical optimizations, but if you don’t even follow that and you just focused on the first two, you will rank for sure.

I’ve analyzed hundreds of sites and I see sites following just those two principles, and they are ranking.

And that’s it folks.

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