You may be moving out of town due to new jobs, relationships, or other opportunities.

If you don’t plan ahead, it may be more challenging than you expect.

  1. Take care of apartment lease cancellation and/or costs while you’re away.  Sometimes your apartment may not be fully cancelled yet.  If you are allowed to, I would recommend subletting your place to cover costs in the event that you incur early cancellation fees for cancelling your apartment.
  2. Pack all your stuff with boxes and peanuts from your local department store.  Tape the bottom of the box too, to ensure it’s sturdy and that nothing falls out.
  3. Contact a moving relocation trucking company to help you move all your belongings.

We have gone ahead and reviewed moving relocation trucking companies that we want to recommend:

We recommend you to give many a call, so that you can get the best quote.

While in your new city, we recommend you to sign up for Uber and Lyft, so that you can get around more conveniently.

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