How to Generate Passive Income by Starting a Niche Authority Site

Ever wanted to have your own passive income website that generated revenue for you while you sleep?

Intro – Who Am I?  More about me

I used this exact tactic, and build and sold my first website at the age of 13 for $100.

Hosting would be free for the first month, the domain would be $1-$10 depending on whether I get the .info or .com.  I would write up 5 pieces of content myself, purchase a $5 myspace shout out, and post to (this is back in the day when was the content hub).  Adsense would generate me $1/day right out the gate.  Then I would use the tactics detailed here (but it was back in the day) to sell my site for $100.

Repeating this tactic several more times, I was able to amass $1,000 by 14 (all while juggling SAT practice, biology class/tutoring sessions, swimming & piano).

These days I no longer run niche sites since the income potential is too small.  I work on building authority sites.

I’ve been featured in many webinars, speaking sessions, and testimonials for the success I have in launching & scaling authority sites.  My personal project & biggest accomplishment was a $1500/day authority site.  The best part was waking up everyday, and seeing funds automatically in my account.  The challenging part was ensuring content, advertisements, traffic source all coordinate at a rate that high.  Due to this experience with scaling up content & gaining traffic, I’ve been able to have the opportunity to lead the organic growth of content sites as large as 2.5 million visitors/mo.

I’m fortunate to be placed in positions where I have the opportunity to learn more about creating valuable content & scaling traffic up, and it’s my mission to keep learning about these things and distilling this knowledge to the public, and people who follow me.  Hopefully you can be in my footsteps too, if this is the path you want to take.

You must start with this guide first before you try bigger things.

Welcome to the Niche Authority Site Building Action Map.

Why do you want a niche authority site?

There are three benefits:

  1. Easy to Set Up: You can set one up in a weekend by dragging and dropping code. No need to hire any programmer for it. You can get a site done within a couple hours.
  2. Minimal Costs: The main cost is just content and simple backlink building tactics. The rest is putting in your time. This is perfect for those who are just starting out in internet marketing.
  3. Passive Income: Once you get it set up, all you have to do is sit back, and traffic comes in.
  4. Low Competition: If you are choosing it right, you will rank.

I love waking up and seeing money rolling into my accounts, how about you? Do this ten more times, and soon you can quit your job.

This guide is updated for 2017. I will show you how to set up a site with best practices, so you can see your first dollar ASAP.

Recommend your friends to purchase this action map too, so you guys can work together on this method. There are TONS of niches to conquer out there.

This is an example of a site that’s successfully built on these principles I’ll be showing you in this guide:

Name: Dans Cookware


Niche: Cooking Supplies

Revenue: $6000 in sales

Advertising Profits: $90/month

Time Spent Maintaining Content: 1-2 Hours a Month

In this guide, we’ll show you how to research an easy to beat niche, how to set up your site, how to build traffic, and finally how to sell your site.

Keep reading to see how much this site finally sold for in the end.

Why is keyword research important?

You want to select a niche with these three attributes:

1. Good CPC
2. Good Search Volume
3. Low competition

To start off, just think about your passions. Are you interested in cooking, gardening, or dog care?

Now go ahead and look at,, or forums on the internet, in order to find inquiries that people have about the niche you’re in. Think about, what you can sell to users. Maybe it’s dog supplies, or various gardening tools.

The first step is to go to Google Adword Keyword Tool. Enter your seed keyword, and you will get a lot of keyword ideas.

  1. Create a google account, and adwords account. Now click on Tools and Keyword Planner.
  2. Click on the first option that says, “Search for new keywords and ad group ideas”.
  3. Set your location to United States (this is the market you want to target), and then enter the keyword
  4. you’re interested in. Click on Get Ideas.
  5. Now you will see your results below.
  6. You can click on the arrows to see any related list.

Using the public tools will give the same info as everyone else, and won’t give you any unique insight. You need to use some tools that will give you an advantage.

I recommend: Long Tail Pro

This is a good keyword tool that’s easy to learn and get a hold of.

You can easily calculate the competitiveness of keywords you’re interested in targeting.

As the author of Long Tail Pro states, any keyword with a score of less than 35 is easy to rank.

Initially, I found it hard to believe, but when I tested it myself, he was right. I could easily rank keywords that had a score of less than 35 with my link building strategy I’ll be talking about later in this guide.

This is how you can generate good quality results:

  1. Collect list of seed keywords
  2. Enter 3-5 keywords at a time into Long Tail Pro
  3. Click Generate

This is the general rule you should follow.

Site Set Up

First you need to buy a domain, then you need to buy hosting. If you haven’t bought a domain yet, the best place I would recommend is Namecheap. Their DNS propagates within minute while Godaddy’s propagates takes up to a day.

Always search for a coupon code by typing: “[month] coupon code namecheap [year]” and you will find something for $).99 off. Always buy a .com/.net/.org domain. Usually when you have a .com domain you have three advantages:

  • You tend to rank higher on Google
  • It looks more authoritative, and this is the first thing that comes to mind when people type a domain.
  • No one will accidently go to the .com version giving traffic to your competitor

Next you want to grab hosting. I recommend Hostgator. They have fast 24/7 support, and for it’s price of $9.95/month, it’s worth it. You also get the first month free too, which helps in case you decide to cancel early, you won’t have to incur much cost.

  • Install WordPress
  • Grab
  • Easy to customize high converting layout with 10 different formats
  • Apply different theme colors depending on the niche you’re in
  • Track high converting advertisement and display the one that works best

Buy the niche theme, and this will be the last template you’ll ever buy for all your niche sites.

After examining hundreds of plugins, these are the plugins you need to install for your site. They won’t help you rank you to the top of Google but they will definitely give you an edge over your competitors:

  • WordPress SEO: You need this in order to properly write titles and description for the keywords you’re targeting per page. On page SEO is critical to ranking well.
  • Related Posts via Categories: This is important so that you can show your visitors other related posts. They are more likely to click it to view other content. This is also good for Google, since you will be showing related posts.
  • Contact Form 7 – This is essential so that advertisers can contact you easily, but more importantly Google looks to find a “contact us page” and that’s essential to appear as a credible website.
  • W3 Total Cache: Website speed is really important in a site’s ranking. It’s not the strongest indicator but it will give you a couple of positions higher. Plus, research shows that the longer users have to wait for your site to load, the more likely they will exit. You don’t need any special customization for this one.
  • EasyAzon: This one is good for quickly looking up the amazon product link, and adding it to your post. This one’s useful if you’re planning to monetize with Amazon Affiliate and will display nice action boxes along with call to action boxes.
  • TablePress: This is the latest trick in every SEO’s playbook. This shows a nice chart of data for viewers to see. If you are selling a product, you can easily show price and characteristics to users.


Get a header designed for your website by simply heading over to Fiverr. There are a lot of nice gigs, just type: “logo design” and look at examples by other users.

Content Strategy

Once you have selected a niche, you need a content strategy for it. In order to be successful, you want to create content that’s better than the already existing content on Google.

With the keywords you have, with low competitive score, take each one, and create a brand new page for each one.

1. What’s your content’s objective?

Is your goal to inform users, or motivate them to take action? If you want users to click on your affiliate links, you want to persuade them to do so with facts. You want to build rapport and gain the trust of your readers.

2. What stage of the buying process is your reader?

Some readers are looking for the solution to their problem. Sometimes, readers are ready to take action and buy. You want to create content that addresses the questions that users have. By doing so, it creates a connection, and users are more likely to take the action you want (purchase your product, click on an affiliate link).

It’s important to do some market research on your audience. What is their age, demographics, lifestyle? What are their major pain points? How much do they make a year? Are they on any key social medias?

3. What type of content will you be showing?

You don’t have to write articles these days. Sometimes you can create an infographics of visualization. and are two good websites to do so.

Add a new post below:

Just click on Menu, and drag and drop pages to the right hand side.

You want pages such as, “Best [product name] Set”
And you will add it to the top of your menu, so that Google bots can crawl those pages.

How to Find Freelancer Writers

After a while, writing your own content can become tiring, and when you’re building many sites, you want to learn about how to hire freelancers. When you hire freelancers, they can take care of the content for you so you can focus on the more important stuff: 1) keyword research 2) site set up 3) monetization 4) marketing

I typically pay my writers $3-$5/hour or $3-$5/article.

This is a tactic that not many other guides will tell you about. I’m not afraid to blow the lid off this one, because there’s so many other freelancers out there.

When posting a job description, these are the criterias to look for:

1. Native English Speaker (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia)
2. Has a history of jobs done or feedback (5-10 jobs)
3. Graduated from College
4. Eager to work on new assignments, friendly
5. Understanding of SEO-optimized articles

This is the post I typically use:

I’m looking for a writer who can write 10 easy SEO optimized articles, and is interested in getting an easy 5 star feedback on their profile and potential for long term work.

I have some topics, and I would like the writer to research and create 500 word articles on the topic.


– Native English
– Can finish by the deadline
– Interested in more potential long term work
– Only accepting Bids of $20 or lower for the 10 articles

As soon as someone applies, ask them for writing samples, and resend them the instructions. I recommend you take the conversation outside of Odesk, and preferably on Skype or Email.

You can use the following template in your email to them:

Welcome on board. I hope we can have a good working long term relationship.

My name is ____ and I am the project manager here. Please email me at _____ so that we can communicate more effectively. You can also get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding the project at hand.

These are the ten topics that I want you to write about. They need to be 500+ words, and 100% unique, with no copied content

They are:

1. Article #1 Title
2. Article #2 Title
3. Article #3 Title

Please send all articles in a .doc format to my email above. Please complete all by Friday.

Looking forward to working with you long term.


Your Name

After they’ve delieverd the articles, you need to copy all of them into one word document and run them through to make sure that all content they wrote is original and not plagarized from any source.

If it’s good enough, you can publish it online.

Forum Market Places – Content Writing

1) A good market place to find cheap article writers is digital point

They have a marketplace for content.

Scroll down to services:

Click on Content Creation

You will immediately find cheap content writers.

Test them out, by sending them an inquiry, and ask them to for 1 article. If it looks good, hire them for many more.


Now let me let you in on a secret that very few people will tell you about. This place is kept a secret on the web, and once you start using it, you’ll be in love with it. Why? Sellers are regulated by feedback on the thread, and quality is decent. To be approved there requires a moderator’s process.

Click on the content/copywriting section.

The typical price is $3 per 500 words.

Find the threads with a lot of replies – this usually means that people are making orders. The authors aren’t allowed to bump their own threads.

Here are some more good threads:

Any of this content is great and will get the job done for what you’re looking for. Turn around time is usually under a week.

Google Adsense


Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize a site.  If you are starting out, this is something that you can get approved to easily.  Adsense is a simple way to earn money online. This is done by displaying ads just next to your online content. Once a visitor clicks on your eye-catching ads, you generate revenue per click.  The cost per click represents how much you get paid (CPC).  The most amazing part of using adsense is the fact that you will receive income everyday based on the traffic you get.  100 visitors per day, results in a 3-5% Click through rate (CTR), which results in approximately $3-$5 per day.  That could results in approximately $100-$1,000/month depending on how many visitors your niche site gets!  This is just for a website you set up in just a weekend.

Note, keep in mind, due to the recent SEO Google Penguin updates, make sure that you don’t spam your page with ads, or it will negatively affect your site’s rankings.

1) Turn on Text only

It’s said you should turn on both so that they will compete against each other for the highest revenue.  I would suggest you only turn on the text, since image ads usually pay out the lowest amount and most people avoid graphical ads anyways.

2) These are the recommended sizes to use



3) Disable Irrelevant Categories

By disabling lower paying categories, you will be served high paying ads relevant to your niche.

4) Disable Enhance Text Ads

Users will know right away you are serving ads, but when you disable it, it will look more subtle.

5) Remove Borders

By removing borders, users will most likely click the ad not realizing it’s one!

Factors affecting your Adsense CPC


You should have a right or perfect niche for your website or blog. The cost per click of an advertisement depends a great deal on the blog and its topic. You have the option of selecting niches which can earn you more.

There are some of the niches which you can generate a lot from. These subjects are Finance, Banking, Automobile, Health, Real Estates, Home Loans, Jobs, Dating & Romance. Out of these Finance and Health are the ones which pays you the highest CPC and funny are the ones paying you the lowest.


Your content should be in accordance with your visitor or customer. Your reader’s choice should be given the utmost priority. You should be well aware of what your customers are looking for and should give the solutions which are relevant.  One of these solutions could be in the form of a relevant advertisement.

Moreover you should directly engage with your customers or readers and your content should go according to your niches.

Good content will help you in getting higher Adsense CPC rates.

Adsense Dashboard

The Google Adsense contains a dashboard  which lets you know about the earnings of your site. This makes you aware of the various categories of ads on your website. This further tells you which ads are good as well. You always have the option of removing certain kinds of ads or dimensions which are not paying you anything.

Competitive ad filter

This is also one of the components of Google Adsense.You have the option of going to these competitive ad filter where you can block specific type of ads from coming on to the web pages.  It’s best to block lower quality ads.

Mobile or Desktop Platform, and its effect on CPC

Your blogs and contents are always accessed from different locations or platforms depending on the which device is convenient to use.

CPC is not affected by the platforms but in an ideal scenario you should always try to get in the maximum numbers of readers which would always be beneficial for the growth of your business.

The majority of the readers or visitors are usually found on the desktop or laptops.

Users reading on the mobile device often result in lower CPC as the ads are comparatively of lower quality as compared to other mediums or devices since users would accidently click on them.

Geography Region

The selection of a region would remarkably affect the CPC of your advertisement.  As a matter of fact a click on an ad  in a region with a higher value of currency would give you better revenue as compared to click on an ad in a region where the value of currency is comparatively low.

United States, Canada, England, Australia have the highest CPC, while India, China, Vietnam and other countries have lower CPC, since those customers don’t purchase as much.

You can ideally think of targeting the regions where English is widely spoken as the countries with higher CPC.

For your site, just think of writing content in english and if you want to expand to other countries you can translate the content too.

A trick is to place an image ad, next to a text ad.  Users will notice your text ad, and may try to click on it, thinking it’s legitimate content since they will believe the image ad is the advertisement.

The alternative pay per click networks


This is one of the best options if are not able to get access to Adsense or Bidvertiser is one of the oldest and famous platforms for advertising which has given good performance in many blogs. The rates for CPC are best here due to the POP up, banner and various advertising techniques.

To get approved in Bidvertiser usually is fast and easy. Ads

This is an ad network which is joint venture of Yahoo and Bing which offers good CPC rates. It is based on eRPM and became popular in the last few years and specializes in advertising. Moreover getting approval for media, net is easy as compared to Adsense.


Info Links Ads

This is In-text based CPC ad network. Info links is best for you to earn revenue as it highlights the niche keywords you’re targeting. Info links do not require any space for banners which is a great feature.  You can combine these with Adsense without any issues.  Approval is very easy especially with the niche blog you’ll be building.


Chitika Ads

This is also one of the famous platforms of CPC and takes into consideration the Search Targeted ads, Mobile ads and Local ads. These ads only display when the visitors are from search engines.  They will not appear for visitors to your website through referral or direct links.


Clicksor Ads

This is the best option for banner and in-text based ads. This platform is ideal for advertiser as well as publisher and has many advertising formats. It offers less CPC rates as compared to others but also offers reference program which means you can earn from the publisher who is using Clicksor.


2) Amazon

Amazon is a trusted brand and if someone is shopping online it is one of the reliable and safest options. Although the commission is not much (5-15%), if you promote a high value product the commission can result in an additional $5-$10 per day based on 100 unique visitors. Amazon gives you good offers for various seasons and holidays which give you a good chance to promote. Since most customers are purchasing products anyways, if they see your review, they’ll think, “Why not just buy it?”. This is the best plugin to use to create amazon affiliate links:

1. Set up your Info

2. Enter the product you want to link to

3. You can grab the link you want

4. Insert the affiliate link

This is another easy to set up plugin that will display your products automatically in nice tables and with ratings:

For only $9.00, it’s a good deal. It saves the headache of figuring out the html code.

Loyalty and trust convert
The type of readership which you have got on your blogs or content is one of the major factors as far as the increment in earnings is concerned.
The readers who connect with you on a daily basis are most likely to trust you and your blog.
The reader’s intention matters
What your readers think when they visit your blog makes a big difference. You should get a content written for your website which attracts people in order to buy something online.
Get hold of the people and the rest would be done by Amazon.
The biggest thing about Amazon is that people know about it and even trust it. Moreover Amazon is best as far as converting the visitors to buyers is concerned. Amazon has expertise in presenting the relevant products to its customers which has been done by taking into consideration the buying and surfing habits of the past.
So if you are able to get some people to visit the Amazon site it is more likely that some of them would end up buying something or the other. You still get a commission even if they buy a product which is not linked to you, which is good news for you.
Promote specials, promotions and discounts
There is no such product in Amazon which does not have a discount. Amazon runs various special discounts and promotions on different type of products from time to time. You can see a discount of around 30% on the retail price of books which is amazing.
You should be aware of such type of discounts as they can help in promoting the product according to your customer or reader.
The Buy now buttons
You should include the buy now button in your post and it is good to place it below the review.
Focus on the holidays
The fourth quarter of the year is usually bigger as compared to the ones before them due to Christmas and Thanksgiving. The people are in a buying mood during this part of the year. You can take advantage by presenting the content which relates to the holiday season.
These contents should contain buying guides, list of popular products or what would they like to receive as gifts for Christmas.
Promote related products
This can be done by focusing on the reports or stats by Amazon which shows you what are the products which visitors are buying. You will gradually come to know that the visitors are not only buying the products which you had promoted directly but the other products as well.
If you have a mobile phone as your prime product you can promote related products like battery, memory card, phone covers and ear phones.
Promoting pre-orders
Amazon sometimes creates pages for new products before they are even available for purchase which is something good for you.
Track your campaigns
If you want to know what is working for you in the best manner you need to keep a track of your campaigns. You can do that easily as Amazon lets you to create 100 tracking ids.The tracking system from Amazon is good in testing what works for you and what does not work for you.
Small ticket items add up
You should focus on promoting more and more items as the more items you promote the more commission you get. If you keep on referring your commission would increase in a big way. This simply means that if you can refer good number of small ticket items your commissions can grow by leaps and bounds.
Moreover Amazon gives you the option of two types of payment structures which are “Classic” and “Performance”. The “Classic” option has a commission of 4% flat while the “Performance” has different tiers.
Other Ad Traffic Source
Ad Engage
This is one of the best alternatives which can make you earn well. These can help you by filling your inventory everywhere and you can earn 100% from your net sales.
Oxa Media
This is an ad network which has developed its own platform. This is very low in cost as gar as reaching the advertisers customers is concerned. You can request for payment once a month.
Propellers Ads media
This is one of the fastest growing PPC ad network and the best think is that besides CPC it also considers the CPA and CPM.
The best thing is that the pay-out is 200% higher than anywhere else and there is 100% monetization of your inventory
This service is a great banner network which helps you to take care of your advertising space. As a matter of fact and surprisingly you can just start monetizing your website. This helps you in getting high earnings ratios as far as the CPM and CPC are concerned
Exo Click
This is in the market for over five years and has the ability to monetize any web and mobile traffic. It consists of various advertising methods which includes Text Ad, Banner Ad, and Instant Message to name a few.
The best thing is that the navigation is simple in their site and you can set your campaign after adding your site.
These are some of the methods of monetization which are widely used all over the world.

3) Direct Advertisements

Direct Advertisements can be lucrative since you’re cutting out the middleman. If you’re ranking high for your keywords, people will automatically want to purchase ads on your site since they know they will get targeted traffic.

  1. When you have enough traffic (500-1000 uniques per day), you can start selling ads on your site to private buyers.
  2. The best way to calculate how much to charge is to calculate the amount of unique visitors in a month (let’s say 30,000).
  3. Assume a 5% CTR.
  4. Multiply by the average CPC of your niche.
  5. Take 80%.
  6. This is the amount you should charge advertisers for various ad spots on your site.

Example: 30,000 * 0.05 * $1.50 * 0.80 = $1800 per month for one ad spot.

Buyers will also be more interested in your site if you can prove that you can generate income from multiple sources. If you get banned from Adsense, you will have direct advertisements.

Think of your website like Real Estate.

You have the best plot of land near a good highway. The cars are your targeted visitors, and they’re heading to a certain destination.

You can act as landlord, and charge advertisers rent to erect their billboard on your land.

The best strategy to use is to start small with your pricing, and when you have multiple bidders, you can have them wage a price war against each other. This way you can command premiums.

Some problems you will encounter:

  1. How many people have clicked on your ad? If a lot of people click on your ad, you will want to charge more. When the advertiser doesn’t renew, you can simply, check the amount of hits to a landing page on your site with analytics.
  2. Placing the code on your site can be a headache. I recommend you to find someone from odesk or find someone trusted on Digitalpoint. Just look at their feedback. They can do it for just $5-$10.
  3. You must remove ads when people are no longer renting them, or else you’ll just be giving them free clicks. There are wordpress plugins you can use to automatically handle this.

It’s okay though. Just try this once, try it again, and you’ll get a hang of it over time.

Top places to get direct advertisements
1) – Just post up an ad for $5, and eventually you’ll make contact with a big fish with a big budget. Best of all, it’s free to post up.
2) – Just simply post in the marketplace that you have ad spots for sale and state the niche.
3) – Post in the buy/sell/trade section stating that you would like to sell ads and attach analytics.
4) Contact your competitors – They would love to buy an ad spot from you if you are not monetizing it well.
5) Post in the forums – Wherever your visitors would go to, and offer an ad spot.

Ranking Your Site & SEO


After you build your site, you need to build backlinks, otherwise you won’t rank.

You don’t need to build thousands of links in order to rank for the keywords you’re going after.

Just 30-100 is all you need to rank. These links you’ll be building will be quality links.

I’m going to assume three things about you:

1. No Big Budget: You don’t have a big budget for link building. You don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands on paid links.
2. You want to rank quickly: I will show you how to rank quickly with this method.
3. You want little to no penalization: Let’s skip all the spammy link building tactics that could get you penalized, I will show you a method that stays undetected, especially for the low competition keywords you’re targeting.

I’m going to go ahead and encourage link practices you shouldn’t use on an expensive domains. For these low competition niches, it’s okay to build these kind of links as Google, because they’re cheap, effective, and gets the job done.

An advance method I like to do. I like to get a second domain that’s aged from godaddy auctions. I like to build links to this domain, and then just 301 to the homepage of my new site. This help passes authority and in case of any penalty I can just remove the redirection and usually the automatic penalty will be gone.

Blog Commenting and Niche Blog Commenting

We’re going to build backlinks to
and then 301 the link juice over to our main domain.

Example of links:

Chocolate and tahini make a delicious goeey cake

The amount of OBL is not too bad, it’s not in the thousands. You need to have good quality comments to get the owner of the site to approve. Usually you can put the link as your name or in the comment. You don’t need to have the keyword as your name – that’s too obvious and suspicious and you won’t get approved. Having a generic name, will ensure your post gets approved, and the link juice will pass naturally.

But rather than do blog commenting manually by hand, let me show you a trick that’s been getting me good results.

1. Go to
2. Search “Blog Commenting” in the search bar.

Click on “High Rating”. You do not want any mass spam blog commenting.

The “I will write 15 blog comments manually” looks good. You can contact the seller before hand and ask them if they can find blogs for you as well. You might have to pay them an extra $5.00.

These are some curated service lists I recommend:


Unbelievable Offer 60 PR2+ backlink , This High Quality Bonus Gig for Limited Time period, This Gig Deliver Best result as per penguin update! 100% Dofollow, 100% manually Post, Chinese and Korean Page Mix, On Actual Pr pages for best link juice. Guaranteed increase SERP, you will love my service, Order now!

Main Features,
1. Actual High Page Rank
2. 100% Do-Follow
3. Manual comment
4. Satisfaction Guaranteed
5. Google Friendly

An excel format file of report will be submit on completion of job, Our team is aimed to promote & get your website on Top ranked position


3. Niche Relevant Backlinks – 25 for $5:

The reason why I like this service is that the provider will scrape a list of links according to your niche, and they will manually post high relevant comments. So long as OBL is not greater than 100, that’s fine, and less than 50, is even better.

4. 60 Actual PR2 to PR6 Blog Comments:

The author has a precompiled blog list already. Make sure to just use the authors name as the anchor and not your keyword.

5. 10 Niche Blog Comments:

As always, I love niche blog comments and the author guarantees low OBL and non spam.

You don’t want any automated blog posting services. You want to make sure they’re manual, high quality, and low OBL.

When starting out, I like to order from a bunch of blogs, and keep track of the quality. I’ll then re-order from the ones where quality is high. Sometimes they use the same blog list over and over, and after some time, the OBL on their blog lists will become too high. That’s why you need to keep switching providers.

My favorite question to ask is: “Can I see sample link lists? Do you use list or find manually? What’s the average OBL?”

Private Blog Networks & Article Networks

Place to get links from:

What’s so special about this site? It’s a blog network owned by thousands of users. When you submit an article there, owners can approve your post, and you will get a link back to your site.

All Google wants to see these days are other sites vouching for your site. The more links you get, the higher you rank.

Please do not use Unique Article Wizard or TheBestSpinner. Google is really smart these days. Once you are using spun content, you risk the chance of your site being penalized, and you will have to start all over again.

Instead, use the existing content writers I showed you about, and ask them to do rewriting.

Purchase PLR content from either Fiverr or Digitalpoint related to your niche.

Ask the writers to rewrite them. Usually it should be $2.50 per 500 words.

I recommend for search engine rank tracking.

Now, load up the articles one by one into network and point it at the various pages on your site. For every time you mention the brand keyword, use 3 other with nake url’s to the page, 3 brand mentions, and 3 generic anchor texts (click here, see more, read more). This is to avoid a penalization.
Whether it’s unrelated or related links they will both help. In this day and age, you want related links or it will look unnatural.

Alternatively if you have the budget for it, you can build your own private PBN.

Guest Blog Posting

Matt Cutt came out strong against Guest Blogging in 2014.  The fact is – guest blogging is ruined by a lot of low quality built for spam websites, with spun content.  Many of these bloggers saw their rankings ruined and they blame it on Guest Blogging finally being caught.  This is not the case.


What you’ve built, is an authority site.  You have a respectable site, with quality content, authenticity, and maybe even your face on the site.


Matt Cutt outs Guest Blogging here:


But he is wrong, it STILL does work.  You just have to examine the site target and make sure that it’s not filled with out guest posts linking out to low quality sites.


You want to choose a site where you have to make a cold contact, to get an article included.


Peter Sandeen has put together a great list of guest blogging sites:


Business and Marketing


KISSmetricsWrite for them

Traffic Generation CaféWrite for them

Think TrafficWrite for them

Firepole MarketingWrite for them

CopybloggerWrite for them

MashableSubmit news

MarketingProfsWrite for them

Men with PensWrite for them

Social Media ExaminerWrite for them

MozWrite for them

Duct Tape MarketingWrite for them

Denise Wakeman

Smart Passive IncomeWrite for them

E-Junkie.infoWrite for them



Search Engine JournalWrite for them

Search Engine PeopleWrite for them

Magnet 4 MarketingWrite for them

12 MostWrite for them

LKR Social MediaWrite for them

She Takes on the WorldWrite for them

Inspiration FeedWrite for them

Work it, Mom!Write for them

Birds on the BlogWrite for them

Social FreshWrite for them

Business2CommunityWrite for them

Basic Blog TipsWrite for them

The RedHead Writing BlogWrite for them



Self Development Blogs


Dumb Little ManWrite for them

LifehackWrite for them

MOMeoMagazineWrite for them

Work Happy NowWrite for them

Brazen LifeWrite for them

Inspiration FeedWrite for them

Self GrowthWrite for them

LyvedWrite for them

Extraordinary MommyWrite for them

She Takes on the WorldWrite for them

Pick the BrainWrite for them

Roots of SheWrite for them

Psychology TodayWrite for them

The Psychology of Well-beingWrite for them

The Change BlogWrite for them

Your TangoWrite for them

Hack CollegeWrite for them

Organizing JunkieWrite for them

Private Practice from the Inside OutWrite for them

Technology Sites


ReadwriteWrite for them

Tips BloggerWrite for them

GigaomWrite for them

Smashing MagazineWrite for them

Techie BuzzWrite for them

Techie BloggerWrite for them

Digital InspirationWrite for them

Trouble FixersWrite for them

Devils’ WorkshopWrite for them

Calling All GeeksWrite for them

Inspiration FeedWrite for them

The Pragmatic BookshelfWrite for them

Site PointWrite for them

The KernelWrite for them

Tech WallsWrite for them

iTech CodeWrite for them

Tech At LastWrite for them

ComptalksWrite for them

Web and DesignersWrite for them

SlashdotWrite for them

Craving TechWrite for them


When pitching a blog, take a look at relevant content on their site, and you can make your own list.  After you see what they write about, simply think of how you can make their list better, and submit it through their contact form.  Remember to use your domain email if you want to convey authority, or you can use your personal gmail to convey a personal touch.


This is also a personal list I put together for you guys.  This worked well for when I was conquering the finance niche once:


Site URL






I suggest you don’t even care about traffic.  Focus on getting dofollow links back to your website.  These links will really help you rank.


Finding your own blogs to contribute to


You can search into google:

[your niche] + “contribute a post”

[your niche] + “Guest post”

[your niche] + “Write for us”



Example when searching for the cooking niche you may find:


You will see they wrote:


How do I submit?  If you think that you would like to do quite a bit of posting, let me know and I will send you an invite to be an author on the blog.  You will have access to create at will.  If that is intimidating, or you’re not sure, feel free to email me your texts and photos and I am happy to pop it on there for you.

They will even create an author account for you!

Every link counts.  The more links you get back for your site and keyword, the higher you will rank.

Commit to writing 2-3 posts a week, then keep increasing it to eventually 1 per day.

 Selling Your Website to Lock in Future Gains


When it’s time to sell your site, we will be recommending the #1 place to buy and sell websites,

How do you know when it’s time to sell your site? Here are the follow steps you should take:

1. Generating Revenue: Your site needs to make at least $100+/month for at least 3-6 months in order for buyers to be interested. If you have a low history of revenue, you won’t be able to command a high premium. Typically sites will sell for about one year’s worth of profit. The best part is, when you feel your site might start to lose trend, you can easily sell your site off to lock in a full year’s worth of gain. You can then take that gain and reinvest it into brand new sites in other niches.

2. Google Analytics: You need to have analytics so that bidders can see proof that your traffic is real. You will need to provide account access to bidders who are serious. Once they see your traffic proof, they’ll feel more comfortable in making a bid. Be wary of users who are simply trying to steal your niche. Questions such as: “Where do you get your content writers?” or “How do you build backlinks” is not necessary. You will provide all those details to the winning bidder, and you will tell them so too. People WILL be asking to have you add them analytics access.

3. Analyze the competition: Look at what other competitors are selling their sites at. You can then compare that to your site, so you can get an idea of what price you can command. Look at the type of questions users ask and try to address all of that into your auction. Sometimes, there won’t be much, but that’s ok.

4. 7 Day Auction Time Period: You want to set an auction date that’s not too long or else users won’t be interested in bidding. With a shorter time period, interested bidders will stick around and try to close the deal.

5. Set your BIN to 12x your monthly revenue: By setting it to 12x your monthly revenue, someone with deep pockets may want to close the deal quickly, and you’ll be able to take home a payday. If your BIN is too high, no one will click BIN and the person who would of done so, may not even bid on the site, or bid too low.

6. Feedback Score: Make sure to constantly build up your feedback score. By selling your first site, you will soon start to sell more and more. Verify your phone number as well.

7. Set auction to no reserve: You want users who are bidding to feel comfortable and not annoyed. Your site won’t sell for under it’s value as there are many bidders who will be looking at the auctions.

8. Include a selling reason: Most people will wonder why if your site is generating revenue, why you want to sell it? Common reasons you can state would be: “I’m looking to exit my property, and I’m looking to enter other niches.” Never state anything financial related such as, “I’m looking to cash out,” because users will feel they can’t trust you.

Flippa Listing Template


This is a proven template that will get eyeballs at your listing, and command a high selling premium.

Title you want to use: The initial first couple letters should describe the site’s ranking, to let users know right away the value of your site’s authority. PR3, PR4, PR5, etc.

The next couple words should describe the business opportunity. The last couple words should describe how much revenue the site is generating.


You should describe your traffic in detail, what are visitors doing? Where do they come from? What the sudden spike or drop? Explain in details, to convince someone to make a bid on the site right away.

You want to show visitors that traffic is primarily Organic Search, and the United States.

Organic search traffic is hard to fake, so if you have organic traffic coming to your site, they will believe it to be credible.

Tell them whether the site is generating revenue through adsense or amazon affiliate, and show them the break down.

Your Site Story

You will need a seller’s note. So the following is how you would want to write it. You want to lay out the description of the site, how revenue is generated, quick stats about the site, and expansion details for the future owner of the site.
Seller’s Notes was started/launched in August of this year (2014) to provide the best cookware reviews for aspiring cooks and professional chefs alike. Over the months, it has gained very nice traction and grown significantly to rank well on both Google and Bing.
The site primarily makes money from Amazon’s affiliate program, however it does make money from AdSense as well. I have never really focused on monetizing the AdSense portion, so there is definitely opportunity to grow that through increasing traffic to the site. As mentioned, my main source of revenue comes from Amazon, which in the month of December, has broke the $900 barrier. I expect this trend to continue higher and make $1,000+ per month going forward.
Below are some quick stats that may be of interest:

● $5+ AOV (average order value)
● 186 items sold in December
● 5.5% conversion rate
The traffic to the site has steadily increased every month since launch. Adding quality, long-form type content has been a big boost to the site and I highly recommend you continue to add a few articles every couple weeks. I would be more than happy to assist the buyer in this process, as well as how to find the right topics to write about.
I do get a decent amount of traffic from outside the United States, in which I currently do not monetize. I have seen various plugins that will help change out the Amazon affiliate code to whatever country the user is coming from, but I haven’t been able to make it work. The users outside of the United States tend to view higher priced cookware, so that could be a nice, easy addition to increasing revenue.
Other areas I strongly believe would help drive more traffic and revenue would be:
● Blogger outreach – contacting mom, recipe, lifestyle, health, cooking type blogs and asking to ghost write for them
● On-site optimization – while I have done a decent job optimizing the sites pages, there is still a ton of room to improve the internal linking structure, page titles, mark-up, etc
● Social media – I have a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page for Dan’s Cookware that I have started recently getting involved with. I think that by reaching out and engaging with the social community, you will be able to gain new reach and also help gain authority with SEO/rankings. The search engines love social authority these days
● Focus on high-priced items – There are some very high priced cookware listed on my site (specifically the copper cookware and brands like All-Clad and Le Creuset). Working on adding additional content to them and gaining links will help drive significant revenue
● Make the site more mobile optimized – right now the site is about 50% mobile optimized. Mobile phones account for over 20% of traffic
This site has the potential to easily make $3,000+ a month. All it needs is some TLC and someone who knows SEO well enough to boost rankings and get more traffic. I’m only getting about 100-150 visitors a day to the site, so just imagine what the numbers would look like at 300….500+ users a day.
Please let me know if anyone has questions and I’d be happy to help. Good luck all and Happy New Years!


If you are looking to create your first website on the internet to generate revenue, I recommend focusing on a specific topic, and trying to find users to come to your site from those specific audiences.  It’s easier to start with a niche site since the kind of people you will attract will interact with more content within your site, and you are likely to generate revenue from targeted ad placements.

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