Online Casinos

There are many online casinos out there but you want to make sure you’re not playing the ones that are not verified or safe.

If you are playing on an unsafe casino there are many consequences:

  • Games may be rigged
  • You may not be able to cash out
  • Possible security issues where you might lose your funds

Below are a list of casinos we’ve verified to be safe.

I don’t encourage gambling for anyone, because it can becoming addicting and lead to problems.

When you are first starting out, your goal is to work and save money.  Gambling can lead to you destroying your savings.

Another issue is when you win money, it’s sometimes hard to leave. You have to set profit targets.

To recap:

  1. Don’t gamble with money that’s meant for rent or food.  Only gamble with excess savings that you can afford to lose.  A good rule of thumb is to gamble only enough per month, and if you lose it all, wait until next month.
  2. When you make profits, decide when you will walk away in advance.  A good rule of thumb is when you gain 20-30% or more of your initial funds, you should walk away.
  3. Only play on verified sites so that you are playing safe.  Playing on unverified sites can have negative consequences.

I will be testing the following online casinos over the next several weeks, and I will let you know the outcome.  I will run a series of test including if I can cash out of them successfully.  Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for these sites, and they were tested to be safe when I tested it, but it does not mean it may not change.



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