How to Prevent Drug Abuse & Drug Addiction (Parent’s Guide)

It’s every parents worse nightmare to find out your kids are using drugs, but I am here to tell YOU what you can do to prevent drug abuse and prevent drug addiction.

Drug addiction is horrible.  Not only does it destroy your ability to live freely, it incurs health & financial issues.  Usually when a teen is turning to drugs, it means the normal communication channel isn’t strong.

COMMUNICATION is the key.  At, we have analyzed over a hundred cases of how drug abuse & drug addiction starts, and we have determined that a LACK of communication is the #1 cause for this.

  1. Learn to recognize catalyst signs that may result in turning to drug addiction.
  2. Learn to COMMUNICATE with your teen the constant dangers of drug addiction, so that they do not even give it a TRY.
  3. Be there for them and help them get through tough times so that they do not even think of turning to drugs or trying it.

These signs may result in trying drugs:

  • Struggle in schooling
    • When a student is struggling in schooling, it means they are not understanding the material to succeed in school.  If this situation persists, it may cause unhappiness as they feel their life is not on track.  They may then turn to drugs to deal with this stress.
  • Any relationship break up
    • A relationship break up, even in high school can be emotionally traumatic, especially if its their first.
  • Going out late, without you knowing about their friends and their status
    • It takes many years in life until they are mature enough for you to trust them and that they have the right judgment.  Usually you want to observe several signs of maturity.
  • Unusual spending patterns
    • You must be aware of all the things your teen is spending on.  If they are trying to conceal what they are spending on (especially with cash) and their story doesn’t make sense, be aware of the possibility that it may be used for drugs.

In today’s society and day, smoking socially, and even trying marijuana is becoming more acceptable.  Despite it being acceptable, you want to reinforce to your teen that drug addictions CAN have a negative impact and destroy your life, and future completely.  Although marijuana is debatable in its level of danger, it can lead to other drug usage with a much more negative impact.

The following is the most effective steps in communicating why drug usage has a negative impact on one’s life:

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate – We have charts available to show you the number of deaths occurring from drug abuse.  Show this to your teen, and that death is the ultimate outcome while addiction & withdrawal is the initial.
  2. Understand and rationalize – Understand where they’re coming from, ask them if any of their friends are taking drugs.  Limiting them from hanging out with such friends may not be the best course of action, especially when it’s hard to make friends, but  make sure those bad friends do not become an influence.  For parents who prefer a strict approach, we actually advocate recommending to your teen to stay away from those friends if they can.
  3. Communicate Alternatives – Exercising, venting, trying out new hobbies, may be better alternatives to de-stress.

Keeping your teen busy is the best way to ensure they do not have extra free time to explore dangerous options.

After school – Look for after school clubs, and sports programs (swimming, track and field, chess, etc.)

Weekends – Always make sure there’s someone more responsible (an older sibling, or another parent, or yourself) spending time with your teen when doing activities.

Summer Time – During the summer time, put them in summer camps that would help further and explore what their interests are (coding camp, robotic camp, etc.)

If you have any questions if you believe your teen might be using drugs feel free to contact us and we will do our best to take a look and get back to you.

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