I lead a busy life and so do my friends.  I think it’s important to maintain relationships with people.

How do you do that?

  1. Ask people about themselves, and see how they’re doing.  Get to know about them, their motivation, why they feel a certain way about some things.  See if their principals align with yours or they provide a different opinion.  Gauge from their reaction if they are interested in talking to you further or not when you ask, “How are you?”
  2. Make plans to meet friends from time to time.  There are different kinds of friends that you can connect with.  Some people like traveling & exploring, some might like dining, some may want to catch a show.  Think about what you have in common with these friends and try to find time to meet with them.
  3. With those you enjoy spending time with, try to find ways to make future plans together, whether it could be traveling together or doing other things.

With significant others, it’s important to:

  1. Maintain communication.  Update each other about work, your thoughts.  Provide feedback to each other whether it’s verbal, emotional or in expression.  Maintaining positive feedback loops will encourage and grow a stronger relationship.  Think about how you guys connect and gain enjoyment from each other, whether it’s positive conversations or poking fun at each other.
  2. Laugh, and find things that are funny to share with each other depending on your guys humor.  Steer clear of anything religious, political, or vulgar as that could be risky and lead to bad feelings.
  3. Travel and explore other cities.  Trying new things will bring a lot of enjoyment and may unlock new experiences and feelings.
  4. Plan dinners with each other and try new foods.  See if this is something you guys enjoy doing.
  5. Find common interests, and pledge to help each other grow.  A relationship is the dynamic entanglement of the spirits, and combined should give a new perspective.

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