When you decide you want to remodel your home, or commit to home improvement, it’s important to take the following steps below:

  1. Know your design goal & budget – Browse pinterest, youtube, existing homes of friends, so you get an idea of what kind of designs you are looking for.  Be familiar with how much various designs will cost you.  A nice marble granite counter top will cost a lot more than a simple one.
  2. Take into account permit & insurance considerations – Make sure you have the right kind of permits and you are city compliant.  Hiring a good contractor will help you be aware of these things.
  3. Shop around for many quotes – It’s important to seek multiple quotes from verified, licensed contractors.  These people will be in your home, and possibly around your family and loved ones.  You also want to contract with people who will be remodeling in the right way to prevent health issues, and to ensure that their remodeling will last.

We have put together the following home remodeling resources for you to take a look at:

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