– $2,500 Drug Abuse Help Scholarship

Background is a leading resource on drug abuse & health issues.  Our goal has been time and time again to discover the leading methods to provide drug abuse help, and help students/loved ones with drug rehab.

This year’s theme is: Drug Abuse Help

We want students to discuss the medical, political and economical impact of drug usage within the population of a first world country (US, UK, CA).  We have been researching this trending topic and wish to learn more about students’ opinions on this matter.  This scholarship is open to all students who feel they can contribute to this topic whether or not the user has had experience or not with the medicine.

Scholarship Proposal

Our team has created the – $2,500 Modafinil Reviews Scholarship for 2017 which is eligible for undergraduate or postgraduate students with an interest in any field with the opportunity to secure a $2,500 scholarship from our company.  We also are offering a $1,000 follow up reward for the runner up.

Students studying health, science, medicine are eligible for this scholarship program.  We will verify all concentration application before providing any reward.

2016 Scholarship Finalists

The following 5 Finalists have been rewarded in 2016, with the top one being from Duke University.  Congratulations.

Our scholarship program begins June 1st, 2017 and will end December 31st, 2017.  Please submit your 1,500 word essay, text only in .docx format to the email address below.  Congratulations Salina Dang from Duke University for winning the scholarship program for 2016.


-Focus on a topic that relates to Modafinil usage and its political or economical impact.

-English Only

-1500-2000 words

-Please attach as a .docx


-Application closes on December 30th, 2017.  Please email your submission to us by then.


Please email your essay submission to scholarship at  We will announce this years winner on January 30th, 2018!